Fiberglass Market Umbrellas


Fiberglass Market Umbrellas
  • Fiberglass ribs and molded joints
  • Single-vent construction with fabric pockets
  • Two piece white or champagne bronze pole
  • Available in Woodard Umbrella Fabric
    or Marine Grade Sunbrella® Fabric*
SizeModel #PolePole ColorLift
Woodard FabricFiberbuilt Sunbrella Fabric*
7½' x 8-Rib1475SWPUW1475SWPU*1½"WhitePush-Up
7½' x 8-Rib1475SCPUW1475SCPU*1½"Champagne BronzePush-Up
7½' x 8-Rib1475SWCRW1475SWCR*1½"WhiteCrank
7½' x 8-Rib1475SCCRW1475SCCR*1½"Champagne BronzeCrank
9' x 8-Rib1490SWCRW1490SWCR*1½"WhiteCrank
9' x 8-Rib1490SCCRW1490SCCR*1½"Champagne BronzeCrank
9' x 8-Rib1490SWPPW1490SWPP*1½"WhitePulley & Pin
9' x 8-Rib1490SCPPW1490SCPP*1½"Champagne BronzePulley & Pin
11' x 8-Rib1411SWPPW1411SWPP*1½"WhitePulley & Pin
11' x 8-Rib1411SCPPW1411SCPP*1½"Champagne BronzePulley & Pin

*Hospitality Only

Fiberglass Market Umbrellas 1475SWPUW 1475SWPU 1475SCPUW 1475SCPU 1475SWCRW 1475SWCR 1475SCCRW 1475SCCR 1490SWCRW 1490SWCR 1490SCCRW 1490SCCR 1490SWPPW 1490SWPP 1490SCPPW 1490SCPP 1411SWPPW 1411SWPP 1411SCPPW 1411SCPP