About Woodard

For over 150 years, Woodard craftsmen have designed and manufactured products loyal to the timeless art of quality furniture design and construction in Owosso, Michigan, USA. Using both the age-old art of hand forming and the latest in high-tech manufacturing processes, Woodard remains committed to creating products that will provide years of enjoyment.

Woodard offers a variety of products in the categories of Wrought Iron, Aluminum and All-Weather Woven, providing a wide array of collections that will be sure to suit any taste, ranging from traditional to contemporary, and add comfort and style to any outdoor living space. With designs, materials, and construction that far surpass the industry standards, Woodard creates beauty and durability that is unparalleled.

Each piece of Iron is hand-formed using solid iron stock to ensure the strongest furniture in the industry. The handcrafted technique used to create intricate iron details has been handed down from generation to generation.

Woodard’s trademark for excellence in the Aluminum designs begins with the purest aluminum extrusions and our cast aluminum furniture is constructed using only the highest grade, and most resilient aluminum ingots available, strengthening the furniture and making it extremely malleable. The end result is a fusion of durability and beauty that places Woodard Aluminum furniture in a league of its own.

Woodard All-Weather Woven furniture is constructed using cutting edge HDPE fibers, hand woven over a painted aluminum frame. With this combination of resilient, weather-resistant materials and Woodard’s quality workmanship, our woven furniture will last for years.

Woodard furniture is available in a large selection of finishes and fabrics to fit any style or setting. Woodard also offers a wide variety of umbrellas and other accessory pieces that are sure to enhance any outdoor living space.

These elements set Woodard furniture apart from all others. When you purchase Woodard, you purchase a history of quality and excellence and furniture that will last well into the future.

Our History

Woodard Palmer Rocker




Lyman E. Woodward purchases a lumber-planing mill in the boomtown of Owosso, Michigan. He and his three brothers create Woodard Brothers, a company that manufactures wood furniture, window and door sashes, blinds and pine-box caskets.




The thriving business has annual sales of $20,000 to $25,000. The company employs 30 men.
1885 Owosso Labor Day parade - Owosso Casket Company


The brothers create a second business, the Owosso Casket Company. They build a new factory to produce metal, hardwood and cloth-covered caskets.


The three-year-old casket factory burns to the ground. Undeterred, the brothers quickly rebuild.


Owosso Casket Factory Ephemera


Lyman buys out his brothers’ shares in Woodard Brothers and the Owosso Casket Company.


Lyman’s three sons and son-in-law join the businesses.


Another devastating fire razes the planing mill and furniture factory, a huge setback for the company.


McKinley Lying in State in Buffalo City Hall. September 15, 1901


The Owosso Casket Company incorporates. Two U. S. presidents, William McKinley and Benjamin Harrison, are buried in Owosso caskets.
Photographer: Undetermined. Source: Buffalo Times, September 22, 1901.


Woodard Brothers opens a new planing mill and two new factories near the Owosso railway yard, to make shipping convenient.
Lyman Woodard - Owosso Casket Company


Founder Lyman Woodard dies. His three sons and son-in-law take over the family businesses.


Damage to Woodard Furniture Factory from 1911 tornado


A cyclone, resulting from a severe cold snap, hits the Woodard factories, causing severe damage.
Fred B Woodard and Lee L. Woodard


The Woodard’s repair damage from the storm and make additions to the factory, which now covers two city blocks.
Fred Woodard and Lee L. Woodard


The Spanish Flu spreads around the world. Approximately 675,000 Americans die from the pandemic and the Owosso Casket Company produces 150 caskets a day to meet the demand.




Owosso Casket Company becomes the largest casket-maker in the world.


Woodard Wrought Iron Chair #1


The Great Depression and the depletion of Michigan hardwood and pine take their toll. The company switches to making metal outdoor furniture.
Lee L. Woodard and sons


The second and third generations of the family, Lee Woodard and his sons, start Woodard and Sons, a company that produces metal furniture using proprietary designs Lee creates. As a designer Lee drew national recognition for his work and he pioneered the idea of using wrought iron in outdoor furniture. It was Lee and Sadie’s three sons, Joseph, Russell and Lyman II, who were responsible for making their furniture lines nationally and then internationally known.




The Owosso Casket Company and Woodard Furniture Company close.
Orleans Collection by Woodard Furniture


Woodard and Sons introduces the Orleans collection, its bestselling and longest running design.
Lee L. Woodard during WWII


The country enters WWII. Woodard and Sons converts their factory to a facility that manufactures component parts for trucks, tanks, and naval and aircraft equipment.
1944-45 Woodard Furniture Arbor Collection


After the war, Woodard and Sons resumes production of outdoor metal furniture.


1956 Woodard Sculptura


Introducing the iconic Sculptura chair, Woodard becomes the first manufacturer to construct a sculpted chair without using expensive molds.


The company builds the Carolina Forge factory for wrought iron in Salisbury, North Carolina, where labor is plentiful.




Woodard manufactures 100,000 pieces of furniture each year, generating $2.5 million in revenue.
Woodard Furniture Mayfield Collection ad - 1962


The company introduces the Mayfield collection. First Lady Jackie Kennedy purchases furniture from the collection.


Woodard opens Woodard Crafts, a plant in Maxton, North Carolina, that handles production of extruded aluminum.


Woodard Furniture - Arnold Palmer Collection - 1978


The company launches the Arnold Palmer collection, the first contemporary casual furniture design made of wrought iron.


Woodard Furniture Margarita Collection by Designer Herbert Saiger


Woodard, now the leading manufacturer of wrought iron casual furniture, introduces the Margarita contemporary collection.




The Sculptura chair is added to the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum’s permanent collection.


The company’s owners build an updated factory and offices covering 7.5 acres in Owosso. The new facility produces 3,000 pieces of furniture a week—175,000 pieces a year.




Woodard consolidates its manufacturing facilities, closing its two North Carolina plants and a plant in Ontario, California.


Craftmade of Coppell, Texas purchases Woodard and consolidates its offices into its headquarters and reestablishes Woodard’s presence in the Chicago Merchandise Mart.


Woodard adds "Custom Express," offering a two-week production lead time.


Litex Industries building - owner of Woodard Furniture


In December, 2011, Litex, a Texas-based importer of ceiling fans and lighting fixtures acquired Craftmade and its subsidiary, Woodard.
Woodard Furniture Jax Collection


The renowned Jax Collection receives the Design Excellence Award from the National Furniture Manufacturers Association.
Saddleback Collection - Whitecraft by Woodard


Woodard acquires woven outdoor furniture specialist, Whitecaft.
2015 Sculptura


In response to the resurgence of mid-century modern furnishings, Woodard revives the iconic Sculptura collection, available in 30 colors and finishes.
Woodard Furniture 150th Anniversary Celebration


Woodard hosts a yearlong celebration of its 150th anniversary.