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Aluminum Market Umbrellas


Product code: 3440

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Quick Overview:

  • 2-piece aluminum pole offers easy storage
    and assembly.
  • Single Vent
  • 8-Rib canopy support construction.


Model #ColorSizeVentsPoleLiftTilt
7821CWChampagne Bronze7½’ Octagon Single 1½”CrankPush-Button
9821RWHammered Pewter9’ Octagon Single 1½”CrankPush-Button
9861CWChampagne Bronze9’ OctagonSingle 1½”CrankAuto-Tilt
9861RWHammered Pewter9’ OctagonSingle 1½”CrankAuto-Tilt
9861WWDark Wood9’ OctagonSingle 1½”CrankAuto-Tilt
9881CWChampagne Bronze9’ OctagonSingle 1½”CrankCollar-Tilt
9881RWHammered Pewter9’ OctagonSingle 1½”CrankCollar-Tilt
9821TWTeak Stain Hardwood9’ OctagonSingle1½”PulleyPulley
7821, 9821, 9861, 9881
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  • CHS - Chestnut
  • FTK - Fiberteak
  • ATK - Aged Teak

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